Catalook Consultancy

Catalook Consultancy at very competitive rates.

We have installed numerous e-commerce solutions and one of the best solutions we have implemented is CataLook.

It has loads of functionality, is still evolving at a fast pace and can provide a great solution for most businesses.

We consider ourselves experts in Catalook and offer our expertise at very competitive rates to implement Catalook stores, support Catalook stores and get the most from your investment.

Contact Corelli to discuss your needs and establish excellent rates.


Corelli can provide :-

  • Fixed price contracts
  • Hourly Rates
  • Special SemiFixed Rate with Win/Win Bonus

Contact us, you will be surprised at our rates and because we concentrate on DNN and Catalook our expertise and performance is second to none.

Corelli were the third company to attempt to get the site up and running, after 2 failed previous suppliers took 12 months, Corelli came in and got the site commissioned in less than 40 hours TeslaMall

Catalook Support and Consultancy


If you are looking for support for any of the following then give Corelli a call or email :-

  • Configure Payment Processor
  • Configure Shipping Costs
  • Skinning of Dashboard and ItemPane
  • Configuring Shopping Cart Process Pages
  • Loading of Products
  • Loading of Customers
  • Price Rules
  • Integration with BackOffice
  • Using Coupons
  • General Support

Why waste time and effort trying to work out these issues and make a mess of your site when Corelli has the experience and expertise to come in and get your site up and running and starting to generate income.

Why not contribute to our Catalook support forum and pose your question on the forum or try answering some of the questions.

Catalook News

Corelli supports Dr Zone to get web site to Go-Live over Christmas

Corelli was contracted by Dr Zone Living to provide Catalook consultancy to get their impressive web site up and running over the Christmas vacation.

Dr Zone expects to get 600+ orders a day and is heavily promoting their site in the USA using TV Marketing campaigns, over 250,000 hard copy coupons distributed to existing customers. The site integrates into UPS and USPS for real time freight handling, it uses for payment processing and has integration with several other Backoffice systems.

Corelli provided extensive consultancy and hands-on to help implement this customised site.

It has 2 catalook skins, reworked shopping car process, autoship modifications for recurring shipping of products, security role, customised price rules as an example of the flexibility of Catalook.

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Corelli has been trading since 1996 offering IT solutions across Europe, we have focused on websites so that we can offer the best cost-effective solution for your business.

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